It all started when…

I was sitting at a bar watching a mutual friend perform at a music venue in Philly. I spotted someone with a video camera and approached him at the end of the show, sharing with him ideas to create a film that highlights the inspirational lives of artists in Providence.

Flash forward nearly three years later. After serving countless bowls of noodles at a local ramen shop to finance the project, we have completed our first ever, no-budget feature length film.

Though rejected to film festivals, we believe this story is important & we wish to share it with as many people as possible… which is why we are making it available online… & you get to name your price!

This project was made by a first-time filmmaker, and the lovely artists in town who agreed to donate their time & work to contribute to the completion of this project.

We offer a DONATION option below for you to continue keeping this film afloat & supporting the arts ~

You will receive a thank you email with the link and password.

Enjoy the movie!

much love,

natále (& the rest of the team)